LOLO = Locally Owned, Locally Operated

LOLO American Kitchen offers high quality cuisine in a warm and friendly environment. Menu items are innovative seasonal chef driven small plates, gourmet burgers, & adaptations of popular American street foods. Our menu includes a wide variety of shareable small plates, hand pattied burgers, awesome tacos, aged steaks, ethically raised meats, fresh fish & seafood, and local, in-season produce. Our cutting edge bar program features a vast array of cocktails, bourbons, rums, and artisanal beers with a focus on local, small batch producers.  The staff at LOLO American Kitchen are friendly, playful, and professional. Our goal is to always strive to exceed all customer expectations. We hope you enjoy the innovative and approachable experience that LOLO has to offer.

LOLO American Kitchen & Craft Bar is the culmination of a dream of two friends, Joe Ehlenz & Brad Nordeen, coming together and opening a thriving restaurant in their hometown of Stillwater, MN. After working at some of the finest restaurants in the Twin Cities, business partners Joe & Brad created LOLO American Kitchen and Craft Bar where patrons get high quality products and great service at an affordable price.


Eat, Drink, Socialize.        LOLO American Kitchen & Craft Bar


The LOLO Team

Food – Brad Nordeen               Chefs – Sam Gates, Emma Nelson, Ervin Thomas

food philosophy: fresh, local, & simple w/ exciting, complex flavors executed perfectly every time. Food that draws inspiration from the past but is always trending toward the future.

Bar – Joe Ehlenz                        Bar Managers – Jake Baker, Sam Zeimer

bar philosophy: balanced using the complete array of modern bartenders pantry (bitters, tinctures, shrubs, etc.) to create new & innovative cocktails while also reinterpreting the classics and reintroducing cocktails from the golden age.

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