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Lolo American Kitchen

The creative food items are very approachable, playful, perfectly executed, and have high value price points.

Lolo American Kitchen


Lolo American Kitchen

Cocktails are matched to the creativity of the food. Beers designed with brewers in mind not available to all restaurants.

Lolo American Kitchen

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Lolo American Kitchen

Stay up to date with news and happenings at LoLo American Kitchen & Craft Bar of Historical Downtown Stillwater MN.

Lolo American Kitchen

Welcome to LoLo American Kitchen & Craft Bar

LoLo American Kitchen & Craft Bar provides an open kitchen and bar concept with chef-driven, seasonal and local cuisine.  Our menus consist of a variety of playful and composed dishes with a focus on gourmet American street foods, fresh handmade cocktails and unique craft beers and wine. We offer a casual, yet sophisticated ambiance while remaining unpretentious in nature.

Located in what was once a brick alleyway, LoLo’s storefront was designed as a replica of the original Peasley building that was once a part of historic Main Street.  The interior has been transformed to provide a timeless décor with an environment that is warm, inviting, and comfortable.

Our open kitchen & bar concept leave little to the imagination.  Patrons can be part of the “show”, allowing them to observe the preparation and execution of each menu item.

What is LoLo you might ask?  LoLo is an acronym for “Locally owned, Locally operated” that commonly refers to street side LoLo food stands or shacks in the Caribbean, especially St. Maarten.  LoLos are known for their warm hospitality and high quality authentic food.  They are a refuge from the hotels and high priced restaurants of the islands.  A place where both locals and tourists are welcome.

We look forward to serving you as your go to destination for excellent food, beverages and service.

Eat, Drink, Socialize.

LoLo American Kitchen